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LINQ to Share Point is a new feature of Share Point 2010.

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query which is a part of the . The purpose of LINQ is to support various data sources using the same Typed Query Syntax.

The SELECT Operation Conculsion To perform select, insert, update and delete operations we create a table and create a data context class; in other words a dbml file.

In this file designer view we drag and drop the COURSE table from the Server Explorer.

Besides, I will also discuss about using ‘select’ query in linq to retrieve data and traverse through the query results(in case of multiple result objects).

Eventually found out that the same error message comes from the SQL update statement in the specific table.Moreover, it doesn’t only applicable to manipulate database results, but it can also be used to manipulates array/list collections. NET framework 3.0 and can be used from languages supported by . The term ‘LINQ To SQL‘ refers to the technology by which we can use LINQ for access SQL Databases.Here in this tutorial, I will show step by step ways to get started with LINQ To SQL programming with C#.Presently it supports Objects, Datasets, SQL, Entities, XML etc. You might have noted that the previous List Programming examples did not use proper column name access.LINQ allows us to access the List in a Typed manner. As we will be creating custom lists having custom column names, we need to generate the Entity Model.

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After clicking the Add button the Context Data file is created.

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