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Dating in the 1600 s

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The auction catalogue identified the book as a ‘poisoner’s cabinet’, and much of the press coverage centred on its potential as an assassin’s arsenal but many of the plants included have, or were reputed to have curative as well as toxic properties which leads me to think that it’s as likely to be a wise women’s or apothecary’s case as much as an assassin’s tool kit.

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Sometimes this is an inherited rosary, but most often, it's a question from someone who has a rosary they would like to sell on e Bay.

Almost inevitably, they would like me to tell them it's very old and valuable. I do run across a very few rosaries with at least some real documentation of their dates.

And just occasionally a wee oddity or curio turns up.

I was reminded of this one this morning by a photo circulating on Twitter.

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There's one currently for sale by "Church-woman Antiques", for instance (they always have delightful things) that is known to be at least 95 years old because the current owner (who is 95) remembers being told by her mother that she'd had it since before the owner was born.