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For years, Teri had not laid eyes on her own personal Superman, Dean Cain. “There is one body part that you really do like and you don't have a body image about,” Nancy said. ” But first we let Felicity Huffman and James Denton give their answers! After suffering sexual abuse as a child and what she says was a virtually celibate marriage, Teri finally feels free enough to go after everything she deserves. “From girlfriend to girlfriend I kind of want to know what it is,” Nancy said. ” “What I mean is that when you have a great deep trust with one person you can sort of explore whatever and you don't have to be afraid,” Teri explained.

But her former “Lois & Clark” co-star accepted her invitation to the big launch party for Teri's first book, “Burnt Toast.” “Oh my god, Dean,” Teri gushed. Thank you for coming.” “Of course,” said Dean, giving Teri a big hug and a kiss. But...“you have not defined what ‘crazy wild sex’ is,” Nancy said.

Ryan Seacrest is most known for being the host of the TV show American Idol.

This big name host has received a lot of attention in the media over the years.

In 2014, he was linked to model Shayna Taylor, then just 23 at the time.

The following year, he was spotted kissing former Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz, then 26.

When he met Julianne Hough, his most high-profile girlfriend, she was barely old enough to drink; by the time they split over two years later, she was just 24 years old.

Seacrest has continued to date women under 30 since he split from Hough in 2013.

” Teri sat down with Nancy O'Dell for an “everything goes” interview but first she got a few super surprises at a party in her honor. “That would be my hope for all the women out there,” Teri said. And the women stop eating it and our daughters stop eating it too.” “Which means, don't just take things. Teri admits having certain body issues in the past but not about one certain area! “It rhymes with gripples, that's great.” “This is going to be an absolute guess,” James said. “They will have to just sit across the table while they are buying me filet mignon and some fabulous wine thinking, I wonder if I'll ever see those nipples,” Teri laughed. That's because Teri Hatcher has a new attitude to go along with her new book.

In 2006 we all watched, uncomfortably, as Ryan Seacrest made out with Teri Hatcher on the beach in the most obvious of planned paparazzi stunts.

The romance ended (Teri says Ryan called it off), and a good portion of Americans were fooled into thinking Ryan had a thing for the ladies. “On June 13, the couple walked on the beach in Malibu with their arms around each other.

And a shocked Teri thought her “Desperate Housewives” co-star Felicity Huffman was headed back to New York, but Felicity had a little surprise up her sleeve.

” Before Nancy hit Teri's party, she was invited to Teri's house for an exclusive one-on-one. “Yeah, it's more scary now that it's out,” Teri laughed.

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's eyewitness, who noticed Hatcher massaging Seacrest’s neck.

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