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If they require a system restart, that’s a two-part process.First the update files are placed in position, poised, waiting for the restart. File Explorer shows “Not responding.” No big problems, just signs of a tummy ache.Furthermore, users could backup their most valuable files on a regular basis, to the destination location they selected.Another benefit of the software is that it could be used to manage several computers, as long as they were added to one’s circle - basically, users needed to install Windows Live One Care to several computers they frequently worked on (for example, the ones in the office and at home), then they could oversee the security settings from a single centralized app.

In addition to the antivirus side of Windows Live One Care, the app also included a tweak module that would improve the performance of the host PC by performing several actions, such as removing junk files, defragmenting the HDD, scanning for security threats or checking if the OS is up-to-date.

Those who were using Windows XP or Windows Vista and decided to rely on Microsoft to keep their OS malware-free used to run Windows Live One Care (which, in the meantime, was superseded by another product).

The application featured an intuitive interface so that users could constantly get an overview of their protection status, thus making sure that the spyware and virus definitions are updated and that scans were performed on a regular basis.

On the downside, as mentioned before, Windows Live One Care has been discontinued and most of its functions have been included in the improved Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also compatible with the latest Windows editions.

Well, so are lots of things, but the update process has become a persistent annoyance.

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the first of the 5 seems to select the existing one and is not updated.

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