Is taylor swift dating anyone specific dating websites

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Is taylor swift dating anyone

Check our answers to ‘Is Taylor Swift dating anyone?’ - we found 32 replies and comments relevant to this matter.Did she reject the 'Thinking Out Loud' crooner's attempts at finding her soul mate for her?It looks like Taylor Swift's dating life is still on hold, hence the 'Sing' hitmaker lamenting his failure in the matchmaking department. I had a boyfriend in sixth grade with whom I communicated exclusively via AIM, and that relationship was more legitimate than Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s. Objectively speaking, Tom Hiddleston is less famous than Taylor Swift.But we’re not here to discuss the “if”—we’re concerned with the "why? People probably say "that guy from " more often than his actual name, and fame is obviously an enviable thing.If anything, the whole thing was damaging, and that’s before it crashed and burned.She was forever marked by this the second her film crew okayed Hiddleston to go swimming in an “I ❤️ T. The trajectory of Swift’s image is in constant communication with public reaction.

Update: Solid evidence emerged this weekend that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are definitely dating.

It was basically like the boring Nantucket version of the Kardashian-Jenners dating anyone besides Kanye.

Less clear is how Swift benefitted from any of this.

According her British BFF, Ed Sheeran, he has been trying to set the 'Shake It Off' singer up with some of his "good-looking mates." The 'Thinking Out Loud' crooner reportedly admitted to some of his fans during an intimate performance that he has, indeed, been looking for a perfect match for Taylor Swift. Heat Magazine reported that the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer has been asking Sheeran for some advice on her love life.

Because he "adores" her, he allegedly wanted to introduce her to one of his musician friends and fellow Brit, Ryan Keen.

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Update #3: Calvin Harris has posted proof he and Taylor are definitely seeing each other—though romantically or platonically is TBD.

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